Katelyn German Shepherd Puppies

We have enjoyed many years of breeding, raising, and showing our beautiful puppies as well as meeting so many nice puppy buyers. We want to thank our puppy people for loving our pups and giving them good homes.

To call Jan (860) 283. 9119. Go to our Photo Show page to view a slide show of some of our pups in their loving forever homes.


Additional Information

When you take your new German shepherd puppy home from Katelyn Kennels you will also take with you a puppy packet that will have in it:

  • A written sales contract
  • A registration application for your new puppy
  • A pedigree
  • A health record
  • Feeding instructions
  • A small bag of puppy food to get your puppy started
  • A crate training article because we do recommend crate training your puppy
  • A puppy handbook that will give you tips on housebreaking your new puppy
  • And recommendations on spaying/neutering your new puppy when he /she is the right age

And of course we do recommend that after your puppy has had all their vaccinations that you take your puppy through basic obedience.
Our puppies here at Katelyn German Shepherds are seen and given their first shots by our Veterinarian before they leave for their new homes and if you have any questions about your puppy we are always here to help.